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10 Ingenious Budgeting Tips for Frugal Families

Trying to save money and keep your household running can seem like an overwhelming process.

When it comes down to it though, the best way to budget money is to pay attention to many seemingly minor aspects of your life. This could be from your household’s energy usage. Or whether or not you’re buying name brand groceries.

It could also be how you spend your time off. There are so many ways to budget money. With the help of these specific budgeting tips for families, we’ll have you well on your way to saving.

And maybe, with some of the simple changes you’ve made, you’ll be able to take your kids on a vacation next summer!

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1. Pay Attention to Sales

Most grocery stores operate on a sale cycle.

Certain times of the year you’ll be able to pick up day-to-day items for a decent price. For example, in the months of April and May, you’ll be able to pick up cleaning supplies, paint and bottled water for cheap.

Stores will offer season sales throughout the year. Paying attention to when these happen will save you more money in the long run.

2. Limited Stockpiles

Stockpiling can sometimes be a good idea. But it’s better to limit it to only a few items.

It’s a good idea to have a few backups of some of the things you and your family use a lot. Think of hygiene items like dish and hand soap. Or toilet paper and paper towels.

If you have a favorite shampoo, maybe keep a backup of that, just in case. If you notice sales of your favorite household goods, grab a couple.

Just don’t go too crazy. Storing those goods can become irritating.

3. DIY It

Making things your family uses or wears can be a great money saver!

If you or one of your household are crafty and like making things, maybe try your hand at making a few household items like laundry soap. Or if your kids like giving cards during holidays, have them make them instead of buying them!

Owning and knowing how to use a sewing machine can save you some money as well. Tailoring or repairing clothes you already own, can keep your closet stocked without breaking the bank.

4. Talk to a Financial Planner

Are you trying to figure out the financial future of your family? Feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of your child’s college education?

When it comes to planning your family’s future, sometimes it takes a bit more than some thrifty shopping. Sometimes you need the help of a professional financial analyst to get your family on the road to financial wellness.

The skilled team at Family Vest will take the time to get to know your family. And with their help, your kids will be well taken care of.

5. Family Fun on a Budget

Everyone with kids knows how hard it is to keep kids happy and entertained.

During summers it can seem like an impossible feat. And an expensive one at that. But there are some good money-saving ways to keep your kids busy. And your wallet from breaking.


One of the most creative ways to save money and have fun with your kids is to take a staycation!

Travelling can be expensive and even a nuisance. Why not take your camping trip to your backyard? Or build a blanket fort in your living room that you and your kids and play in at night?


Your public library is the greatest source of entertainment you could ever ask for.

Many libraries offer free services for members. And for a nominal fee, you can get a library card and take part in any of their programs.

Try some of the tips found on this blog post if you’d like to see some more entertainment money savings!

6. Energy Saving Means Money Saving

When it comes to saving money, sometimes the first step happens at home.

Energy saving is an essential part of budgeting. No one likes seeing their electric bill going up unexpectedly. Or feeling a draft in their room in the middle of winter thanks to leaky windows.

Home care is important. Unplug devices you aren’t using during the day. Repair and seal windows in cooler months. Keep your thermostat at a steady temperature. In summer months, limit your use of air conditioning and use fans to keep rooms cool.

7. Meal Planning for the Week

Planning a week of meals and shopping accordingly will save you a lot of money.

If you make a menu for every night of the week you and your family will not be tempted to eat out. And it will let you prepare ahead of time. When going shopping, organize your shopping according to each night of the week. Only buy what you need for each meal.

By eliminating the uncertainty of not knowing what you’re going to eat throughout the week you won’t spend as much time in the grocery store.

8. Thrift Sales Save Your Wallet

Buying kids clothes can be ridiculously expensive.

Finding thrift stores that sell gently used kids clothes will save you lots of money. By limiting your amount of brand new name brand clothing you’ll keep your family clothed without breaking the bank.

9. Eliminate Useless Services

It’s amazing how many subscription services we sign up for over the year.

While they may seem like a good idea at the time, they can cost us a lot of money in the end. At the end of every year, find out how many subscription services you’ve signed up for. And eliminate them.

Things like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go are often redundant. Choose one and get rid of the others you have only used a handful of times.

10. Take Advantage of Reward Programs

One of the things many people aren’t aware of are reward programs they could be taking advantage of.

Does your debit card reward you for using it certain ways? Some banks will have reward programs you can sign up for. And if you use your debit card at certain stores or online sites your bank is partnered with, you could rack up points.

And those points could be cashed out in the future for goods and services you and your family may be able to use.

Need More Budgeting Tips for Families?

There are so many ways to save money without having to sacrifice every comfortable aspect of your life.

With some thrifty and savvy decisions, you’ll be well on your way to your next vacation. If you’d like to see some more budgeting tips for families, please visit our site.

We have money saving tips for pretty much every aspect of daily life, from makeup saving to date ideas. Check it out! And keep on saving!