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10 Must-Know Tips to Sell Your Property Fast

When someone puts their home on the market, it’s safe to say they’re looking to sell it as fast as possible.

No one wants to be the home that stays on the market for a year or more. In most situations, they’re more than ready to move on to the next stage of their life.

Even if you aren’t in a huge hurry, there are certain steps you need to know about. Otherwise, you might not get as much money for your home.

Here are 10 must-know tips to sell your property quickly.

1. Price It Right

If you want to sell your home quickly, price it right the first time. The best way to go about that is by doing some research first.

Check out your neighborhood. Find out what other houses are selling for.

Take into account any recent work you’ve done. Then take into account any problems your home may have.

Sometimes, property values decline because the area itself isn’t as popular as it used to be.

This happened recently in Milford, CT. The owner purchased their home at $240,000. Unfortunately, the homes in his neighborhood were now selling at $210,000.

Trying to get some of his initial investment back, he listed his house at $230,000. It didn’t sell for over a year until he lowered it a great deal and lost about $20,000.

Another seller did her homework first. She knew she put in a lot of work and upgrades and her home was in the right spot for her neighborhood. Property value had gone up since she originally bought her home.

She listed hers at $249,000. The second day after she listed her home, she received two bids. One of which was for the full asking price.

2. Declutter the Property

When people walk into a home, they want to envision their own belongings in the space. They do not want to see your stuff cluttering up their possible new home.

In order to sell your property quickly, you need to declutter. If you know where you’re moving to, figure out what you’ll need to take with you.

Sell items you no longer need or use. That will help you to earn some extra money you can use towards fixing up your new space.

Donate anything that isn’t sold or sellable. Charities like the Salvation Army will pick up donatable items. Just make sure they’re still in good, working condition.

Don’t forget to declutter both the inside and the outside of the home. The first impression anyone will have is the outside.

You won’t sell your property if there is a ton of clutter or trash sitting outside.

3. Fix Any Problems

Before listing the home, fix any problems you can find. That includes the outside.

Putting in some flowers where dead plants once stood will add a lot to the properties curb appeal.

It will help sell your home more easily. So will fixing windows, doors, and even replacing that outdated heater.

Fix peeling paint, anything that’s rusted, and any drips. If there are minor stains on the carpet, that’s okay. If the carpet is massively stained, replace it.

The less work a new owner will have to do when they buy the place, the more likely you’ll sell your property in a timely manner.

4. Hire a Professional Photographer

Not everyone is a great photographer. Hiring a professional photographer means they’ll capture the best your home has to offer.

Professional photographs are intended to sell your property by bringing more potential buyers to your door. That’s because they know how to minimize the flaws the property may have.

They’ll know which rooms showcase the light best. They’ll even know how to make the rooms appear larger than they are.

Potential buyers want to see what the property looks like before they travel to see it in person. If you really want to sell your property, invest in hiring a professional photographer.

5. Create a Video Tour

A video tour is an extremely popular option these days. It’s a great way attract even more people whom you can sell your home to.

A video tour allows people to view all rooms of the home. It gives people a sense of what the home offers.

It can even help sell your property without the buyer actually viewing the home in person. This is especially helpful because it allows buyers from out of state the ability to view a home without having to travel.

It’s a huge time saver both for you and for potential buyers. You won’t be inundated with people who don’t really love your home. Instead, you’ll only attract those who have already taken a video tour and have a keen interest.

6. List it on All Major Property Sites

Without property marketing, you’ll never sell your property. 52% of people go online now to view homes first.

That’s true for people working with real estate agents or who are searching on their own. Take the time to research and then list your site on all the major property sites.

If you’re working with a real estate agent, check to make sure they have listed the property on all available sites.

But don’t forget to do some marketing on your own. Tell friends and family.

Turn to social media and announce it there. Add the professional photos and video for people to view.

Ask people to post the information on their pages as well.

Don’t forget to mention it to the neighbors. They might know someone who has been looking to move into the neighborhood for years.

They might even have a relative who wants to live close by.

7. Have it Professionally Staged

Not everyone has the same taste. Some people may enjoy large, heavy, dark furniture that seems to eat up the entire space.

Others are minimalists. One way to ensure you sell your home quickly is to have it staged.

Professional stagers know how to make a home look as inviting as possible. They add items that look great but aren’t exactly memorable.

If getting the home professionally staged isn’t in the budget, that’s okay. Do it yourself or ask a friend to do a walk through with fresh eyes.

Let them tell you what should be removed. Personal photos should definitely be removed. So should most decorative items.

Consider getting a storage space to house larger items until you sell your property.

8. Honesty Will Help You Sell Your Property

Lying won’t help sell your property any more quickly. Honesty often will.

No one is expecting a home to be perfect. There are always slight defects.

However, there are also plenty of strengths. Acknowledging those weaknesses up front will help ensure no one’s time is wasted.

The truth will come out when the home is inspected. It would be horrible to think you’re about to sell your property when the appraiser lets the potential buyer know about that leak.

Being upfront also lets the buyer know they’re getting a good deal from a trustworthy seller.

Don’t use misleading words within the listing, either. If the home doesn’t really have a gourmet chefs kitchen, an interested buyer will figure it out soon enough.

Carefully write the listing so that it showcases the highlights. But at the same time, the listing should mention it’s shortcomings.

That way, no one’s expectations are dampened.

9. Get More Than One Property Valuations

Not all appraisers are the same. It will make a lot of sense to hire more than one in order to sell your property at the right price.

Some agents, eager for business, may try to “high ball” the price. Unfortunately, that ends up giving the seller an unreasonable price point.

When you try to sell your property, you’ll find there are no buyers. The price is simply too high.

Then again, some may end up appraising it at a lower assessment than the actual worth. Which means you walk away with less money than you’re actually entitled to.

Determining the worth of the property is dependent on a few determinations. Factors like current market conditions and the state of the home factor in high.

The value of other similar properties on the same area is also factored in. The more valuations that are given, the more likely the price listed will be what helps you sell your property quickly.

10. Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

It’s possible to sell a home without a real estate agent. But it also takes a lot of work.

It’s also harder because most people don’t have the necessary contacts they need.

Like home stagers or professional organizers who can help declutter. Professional photographers and videographers who can capture the best the home has to offer.

It’s also harder to put a correct valuation on the home. There’s an emotional attachment that can make it difficult to realize the true value of the property.

Then there’s the time it takes to list the home. Followed by the time it takes to host open houses.

Most people don’t have the time in their schedules to be available whenever a buyer wants to view a home. A professional real estate agent will have the time.

Do Your Homework

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