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10 Websites Where You Can Earn Money Online

Looking to grow your wealth? Want to make some extra income from home? Today’s online market makes it possible to make money in exciting new ways!

Check out the article below and discover how you can earn money online.

The Different Ways to Earn Money Online

There are literally hundreds of different sites that promise to help you earn money online. These sites fall into several categories, including sites that pay you for:

  • Items sold
  • Filling out surveys
  • Data entry
  • Shopping online (via cashback programs)
  • Writing
  • Illustrating and designing
  • Listening and rating music
  • Tutoring
  • Playing games
  • Being a mock juror
  • Product testing and mystery shopping
  • Software and website testing
  • Writing reviews
  • Watching videos

There are several other categories, but most people earn money online through working online, filling surveys or selling stuff. Let’s see the top ten websites that earn people millions below.

1) People Per Hour

People Per Hour, or PPH, is one of the fastest-growing freelance platforms you can use to earn money online. The site basically allows you to sell your skills to businesspeople who might need them. For example, you can freelance as an author, editor, illustrator, web designer, software developer and more.

PPH has been named one of Europe’s hottest startups upon launch and is now popular the world over. PPH is among the most used in the US, and the leading marketplace for freelance talent in the UK.

Some of the site’s highlights include:

  • Strong seller protection
  • The ability to invite clients with 0% fees
  • Website widgets
  • Incredible user interface
  • Invite incentives
  • Competitive fees
  • Robust marketplace with hundreds of new job posts each day

2) Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces. Two prominent and pioneering sites in the marketplace, Elance, and Odesk, merged to create Upwork.

The site allows businesses to connect with freelancers. You can join Upwork for free and apply for jobs within minutes. By creating your profile there, you give clients the chance to find you by searching Upwork.

You set the price and the hours you are willing to work each week, and your clients pay you through Upwork’s secure systems.

Some of Upwork’s highlights include:

  • Good seller protection and escrow
  • Comprehensive FAQs and online support
  • Rich statistics and metrics
  • Various membership options (both paid and free)
  • Real-time chat with clients

However, Upwork is fairly more complicated than other similar sites. It also hits you with hefty fees, and you have to suffer lag during rush hours. Nonetheless, it’s a solid site for any freelancer who wants to earn money online, even if it’s not your number one choice.

3) Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the most recognizable names in its market. With nearly three hundred thousand freelancers active, it’s one of the largest platforms.

While competitions can be fierce, there are thousands of new jobs postings each day. If you can write or design half-decently, you will probably be able to find some work in there.

Just keep in mind that you only get 8 bids per month with Freelancer’s free plan. While other sites like Upwork and PPH give you job “credits” that you spend when applying, Freelancer charges you a small sum every time you get hired, before being paid.

This can be troublesome if the job falls apart and you don’t get paid. Freelancer also offers an array of tests you can take to prove your skills, but these are paid too.

Some of Freelancer’s highlights include:

  • Thousands of new job postings
  • The ability to invite clients with 0% fees
  • Good escrow protection
  • Variety of (paid) tests to establish expertise
  • A robust community forum

4) Fiverr

With Fiverr you can truly monetize any skill. Fiverr’s platform allows you to sell virtually any service for as little as $5 dollars. Since its inception as a micro-gig site, Fiverr has grown into one of the largest online marketplaces.

In addition to writing and web design, Fiverr allows you to sell all sorts of services, including video creation, music, singing, dancing, comedy and much more. The site allows you to set your own prices, not limiting you to $5 bucks, and also makes it possible to sell multiple “gigs” simultaneously.

Some of Fiverr’s highlights include:

  • Transparent fees
  • Tons of different ways to monetize your skills and earn money online
  • Friendly interface
  • Good FAQ and customer support

5) Guru

Guru is an old name in online freelancing. Founded in 1998 and still going strong, it has a loyal customer base and many satisfied freelancers.

While not as big as other freelance marketplaces, Guru emphasizes on quality and takes a slightly different approach to bids and fees. It’s user-friendly and very easy to use.

You can be paid in various ways, including by the hour, by milestone, by individual tasks or by recurring payments. This flexibility makes Guru ideal for new freelancers and seasoned experts alike.

Some of Guru’s highlights include:

  • Large client base
  • Variety of payment options
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Great support
  • Low fees

6) Ask Wonder

Want to make money using your brains? Check out Ask Wonder. This is a unique website that allows clients to ask questions and assigns specialists to research answers online.

Wonder doesn’t hire just anyone, but it’s free to apply. If you have the skills to do research, you will get an invite to get started. University degrees and other academic credentials help a lot here. If you hold a strong degree and want to earn money online, you can do so easily with Ask Wonder.

Clients come to Ask Wonder to ask questions and you can choose to answer them. Most of the answers can be found with some online digging, but access to academic resources is always helpful.

Ask Wonder’s highlights include:

  • Make money just by using Google
  • Good pay
  • Interesting subjects
  • Intellectually engaging work
  • High qualifications, which means less competition

7) eBay

You can’t talk about making money online without mentioning eBay. The grandfather of all used merchandise stores, eBay, has been active since the 1990s. You can sell pretty much everything you own there, including old electronics, old games, clothes, furniture and much more.

If you have stuff gathering dust, sign up with eBay and make an account. You can then list your items with pictures and descriptions, and get your offerings live. The main drawback with eBay s the listing fees, which are usually 10% of the sale, plus $0.30 per item listed.

Some of eBay’s highlights include:

  • Millions of potential clients
  • A chance to sell stuff you wouldn’t use anyway
  • Easy interface
  • Minimal work required

8) Amazon Mturk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is the world’s most popular task-based online marketplace. Mturk is crowdsourcing website that uses human intelligence to create a diverse, on-demand workforce.

The site coordinates thousands of people in complicated tasks called Human Intelligence Tasks or “HITs”. The pay is not particularly impressive, but there is ALWAYS work for you if you are willing to write short descriptions, identify celebrities or input data.

Some of Mturk’s highlights include:

  • Quick and guaranteed income
  • Constant work
  • Ability to withdraw from the first dollar
  • Backed by Amazon’s customer service
  • Great FAQs and support
  • Fairly easy tasks

9) Swagbucks

Fun and casual, Swagbucks is a marketplace that’s very popular with students and younger users. The site offers a variety of different ways to earn money online.

Most of the jobs in Swagbucks are surveys that you can fill for some quick money, but there are also rewards for playing games and watching videos. The site pays in cash but also rewards in vouchers and prizes.

Though not suited for a full income, Swagbucks is fine for a few extra bucks on the side. If you visit the site daily, you can complete surveys and polls for the best return for your time. The more time you spend on Swagbucks, the more money you will make, but you make most in the first few minutes.

Surveys take about 10 minutes each to complete, so you can’t make a fortune.

Highlights include:

  • Mobile access so you can complete poll and surveys on the go
  • User-friendly
  • Some fun ways to make money online
  • Endless work (though low paid)
  • Transparent payment

10) DesignCrowd

Hailed as the best graphic design marketplace, DesignCrowd is a must if you are a graphic designer. Focusing solely on design and illustration, this site has fewer jobs than the more general marketplaces. However, the focus means better payment and chances to advance your career as a graphic designer.

Through this site, clients order the design of logos, business cards, websites, flyers, t-shirts and more. If you have graphic design skills, you will definitely find work at DesignCrowd.

Highlights include:

  • Focus on custom design
  • High paid work
  • Great interface
  • Design contests

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