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15 Frugal Living Tips That Will Help You Save

Making little changes in the way you spend money each month can add up to big savings.

No matter where you stand financially, everyone can appreciate having a little extra cash in their account.

Today there are lots of ways that you can save money without sacrificing quality, and without spending much time or effort at all.

Practicing a few frugal living tips can save you thousands of dollars a year. You could easily cut your costs in half and could possibly save even more.

Want to know our top tricks for putting pennies back into your pockets?

You’re in luck because we’ve searched near and far to find generous, money-saving secrets that we can’t wait to share with our readers.

Read on to find out which frugal living tips top our list of favorites!

Shared Savings = Double the Fun

We’ve dug up hacks to save money on everything from family vacations to laundry detergent. We’ve discovered dollar-saving discounts on fashion, home decor, outdoor living, rental cars, groceries, electronics and more.

We found so many frugal living tips we love that we couldn’t fit them all into this post (don’t worry, we’re already working on our next list!).

You know that feeling you get when you find your mom’s favorite lipstick on clearance, so you buy four? Or when you come across the cutest sandals you’ve ever seen, and they have them in your sister’s size? Or, when your daughter’s been searching everywhere for lawn furniture and you just found the perfect set…and it’s 75% off?!

It’s that feeling of not only scoring a great deal but the priceless feeling of giving it away that makes it twice as nice. And that’s why it’s super exciting to share all of these fabulous frugal living tips with you.

15 of Our Favorite Frugal Living Tips

1. Do It Yourself Household Cleaners Cost Less but Deliver Big

Americans spent over $645 dollars on household cleaning supplies between 2013 and 2014. For next to nothing, you can make your own household cleaners that work just as hard as the store-bought brands. And, they’re often better for the environment, too.

Try these frugal living tips for multi-use DIY household cleaners (all three cost less than $5 dollars at the dollar store!):

  • Baking Soda

It’s great as a carpet deodorizer: Just sprinkle on carpets and vacuum up. It can also be used to scour countertops, sinks, toilet seats, bathtub stains, the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.

  • Vinegar

White vinegar can be mixed with water to clean the bathroom or mop floors. Or, spray directly on windows and mirrors and wipe clean for an unparalleled streak-free sparkle.

  • Borax

Use to rid the toilet bowl of stubborn stains or mix in laundry for a cheap, but thorough detergent-booster.

2. Wrap Up Savings With Creative Homemade Wrapping Paper

Packages wrapped in newspaper, brown paper sacks or stamped construction paper are unique alternatives to the pricy rolls of wrapping paper sold in stores.

3. A Movie Night In Makes Cents

Instead of spending a small fortune on dinner, a movie, and high-dollar popcorn rent a new release from Red Box or check out Netflix’s family selection. Pop some corn in the microwave and cuddle up on the couch for a movie night at home.

4. Mend Split Ends Without Breaking the Bank

Good old fashioned mayonnaise works just as well as a deep conditioner that you purchase from the salon. But, it won’t cost near as much cash as the salon brands. To get the softest, shiniest results, don’t use a reduced fat recipe.

5. A DIY Face Mask Rejuvenates Morning Skin

Wake up tired skin with a DIY energizing face mask. Mix 3 tablespoons of orange juice with honey. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water and your skin will be glowing all day long.

6. Soothe a Sore Throat with Sweet and Tasty Tea

Instead of expensive throat sprays that only offer a moment’s relief, brew some warm chamomile tea and add one or two spoonfuls of honey. The healing elixir tastes like sweet relief.

7. Unsubscribe to Magazines and Apps to Sign Up for Savings

Many times we sign up for magazines or app trial period subscriptions and forget to cancel. Go through all of your current subscriptions and cancel any that you can live without.

8. Skip the Drinks When You Dine

When dining out, the cost of alcoholic drinks and even soft drinks can quickly add up to equal as much as your meal (or more!). When you splurge for a meal at a restaurant stick to a one drink rule then switch to water only. You’ll notice your bill take a plunge when the tab doesn’t include two or three cosmopolitans.

9. Grow Your Savings with a Backyard Garden

Not everyone can pull it off, but you live in a climate that’s ripe and have a yard, even a small garden can save you a bushel. Plant seeds in the spring for summer veggies and freeze vegetables that you don’t use for garden-fresh meals throughout the year.

10. Check Out Bestseller On the Cheap at Your Local Library

Instead of heading to the bookstore to buy that hot-off-the-press bestseller, head to your local library, where you can check it out for free. Many libraries also now carry DVDs, video games, and software available for checkout.

Public library cards are free and don’t have any annual fees so the only time you pay is when an item is overdue. Even then, the cost for turning in late books is often less than a dollar a day. Make a habit of visiting on the same day and around the same time each week and you’ll be more likely to remember when your items are due.

11. No-Cost Costumes

Today’s kids’ costumes worn for Halloween and the school play cost as much as designer duds. Most of the time, you can make almost any character with a little creativity, some fabric, and a simple sewing kit (or a glue gun!). For a one and done outfit, a costly costume is more trick than treat.

12. The Great, Affordable, Outdoor Family Vacation

It’s not only an inexpensive alternative to the outrageous prices of resorts and hotels, but a family vacation under the stars creates lasting memories. And, vacationing at a local state or national park means less t.v. and tech time, and more time to explore nature and history with your kids.

13. Back to School Clothing Swap

Invite over your neighborhood circle of moms for children’s back to school clothes swapping, instead of high-cost mall shopping. You’ll rise to popularity with kids and parents alike. Plus, everyone can avoid the crowd and lines typical of school-clothes shopping while having fun with friends instead.

14. Trade in Old Video Games and Electronics

Many video game retailers, as well as some electronics and music stores, allow you to trade in your old games, stereo equipment, CDs, and more for a credit that can be used towards new purchases.

15. Cut Home Electricity Costs and Brighten Up Your Bank Account

A simple home electricity check-up can save you hundreds of dollars on your bill.

To get the most from your home’s electric system, practice these frugal living tips for proven cost-saving solutions:

  • Ask your utility company for a free home audit of energy usage
  • Install dimmer switches to control how much or how little light you use
  • Change your AC filters regularly
  • Have an annual professional HVAC check-up and coil cleaning
  • Line dry your clothes when the weather permits
  • Unplug electronics when they are not being used
  • Switch to LED lights instead of traditional bulbs since the latter can shock your bill to a higher dimension if not careful
  • Use “natural” solutions, such as shading, breeze and the warmth of the sun whenever possible to cool and heat your home

While you may not be able to use every one of the frugal living tips listed, you will definitely save money on the ones that you are able to put into practice. And, once you see the effect that these can have on your pocketbook, you’ll be motivated to seek out more frugal living tips to save money.

Want to Save Even More?

We’re your one-stop-shop for ways that you can save in almost any area that you can think of. There are lots more frugal living tips where this list came from.

In fact, we’re just getting started. And we hope you’ll join us as we rack up the savings, stash more cash, and cut expenses as low as they’ll go.

Check back with us soon for more money-saving treasures and tricks. We work hard to find the best frugal living tips out there, so we can pass the savings on to you.

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