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5 Business Tips for Branding and Marketing on a Budget

Your business brand is the key to developing a successful marketing strategy.

But there’s a lot of confusion that comes along with the word “brand.” What is it? What does it do for your business? Do I have to spend a lot of money figuring it out?

Branding and marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

Keep reading to learn five branding and marketing tips for small businesses on a budget.

1. Know Your Brand Identity

Your brand is the story of your business. It represents everything you stand for. It’s the way your business looks, the way it communicates with customers, the type of customers it draws, and the reputation that comes with it.

Before you can market your company, you have to understand your brand.

And you can start by asking yourself these two important questions:

  • What’s Your Mission?

Your mission will guide your business through hard decisions. It keeps your company grounded and focused. As you’re brainstorming your mission statement, you’ll be able to come up with the spirit of what your business does and why.

  • What Makes You Different?

There are other businesses out there that are selling the same products or offering the same services. So what sets you apart from them?

The difference doesn’t have to be huge. Just stay true to yourself. Maybe your business is family owned. Maybe all your products are eco-friendly. Find that difference and emphasize it.

2. Know Your Customers

Your product or service won’t help anyone if you don’t know who needs it. Your target customer doesn’t always stumble across your company website. You have to find them.

Once you know who your target customers are, you can find out how to attract those people.

Create Buyer Personas

This is one of the best ways to figure out the goals, behaviors, and needs of your customers is to create buyer personas. These personas are fictional characters that embody the buyer qualities you’re looking for.

Buyer personas will help you find the age of your customers, their gender, and their income level. If you know who will use your product and why, you can develop your brand with this information in mind.

3. Get on Social Media

Knowing who your target customers are won’t do you much good if you can’t interact with them. That’s why you need to get on social media.

Different audiences use different platforms. You might need to create a Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Facebook for your business.

Social media is a good way to keep your customers informed. Are you going to a networking event? Invite them to join you. Let them know where they can find you. Look for a certain booth, landmark, or even the Best Name Badges.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to start marketing your brand without spending a lot of money. You can target these ads to a specific audience based on things like income, age, gender, education, etc.

Let Your Customers Get to Know You

Social media allows your customers to get to know your voice and personality.

But make sure your account stays active. An empty Facebook page doesn’t leave a good impression.

4. Create Strong Content

Your content doesn’t have to be blog posts though blogging is one of the best ways to reach new customers. You can create short videos, informative images, and surveys as well.

Whatever you choose, find a way to make it creative. Don’t give your audience the same information they could find anywhere else.

And turn yourself into an authority in your field. This will tell customers you’re credible and give you a good reputation.

5. Emphasize Customer Service

If you make outstanding customer service one of your priorities, you can save money on marketing costs.


Because your customers will be so pleased with their service they’ll tell other people about your business. Many businesses actually lose $41 billion every year because of bad customer service.

If you create word-of-mouth among your customers, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Branding and Marketing on a Budget

You can start branding your business before you have a company website. But you can’t start marketing until your product or service are ready.

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