5 Cheap Ways to Travel That Don’t Suck

Most Americans want to travel, but almost 50% of working adults say they can’t afford it. 

Between the plane tickets and hotel costs, travel expenses can add up quickly. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out there and take a vacation.

You just have to travel smarter. 

We’re going to take a look at five cheap ways to travel that don’t suck below. So strap your seatbelt on and dive in. 

Travel in the Offseason

Prices tend to drop during the offseason. You can travel anywhere in the world and save big bucks on flights, hotels, and other expenses. 

On the other hand, you might have to put up with less desirable weather conditions. 

So make sure you spend some time planning ahead. Pick places you want to go and things you want to see before you pick a date. That way, you can choose a time when the sights you want to see will be open. 

Go on a Cruise

Don’t think a cruise is a cheap way to travel? 

Think again. 

You can find many cruises that charge less than $700 for a week-long trip. That means you’re spending less than $100 a night. If you pick an interior stateroom, you might be able to find prices that are even lower. 

As long as you don’t get carried away spending money on other aspects of the cruise, this can be an affordable way to take a vacation. 

Rent a Vacation Home (With Friends or Family)

You can get amazing deals on rental vacation homes if you bring several friends or family members along with you. Every person you add to your travel party can make a significant cut in the costs.  

If you spend time finding the right rental, you can spend much less than $100 per person a night. And you get more space than staying in a hotel room.  

Exchange Your Home 

When you make a home exchange, you can stay in someone else’s home and not have to worry about spending money. 

Here’s how it works

You find someone who wants to exchange their house with yours for a vacation. Then you either stay with this family in their house with them or stay in their house at the same time they’re staying in your house. 

Don’t like the idea of strangers living in your home? Many people on home exchange networks provide references. You can also meet them in person before making the exchange. 

Go Couch Surfing 

If you’re traveling by yourself and are up for a bit of adventure, couch surfing might be a good choice. 

Again, you can find open couches or sometimes even spare bedrooms on online networks. This means you can check out people and their homes before you show up at the front door. So make sure you take some time to research and read more information before you make any plans. 

If you do your homework, couch surfing is a safe way to travel. 

The best part? You can find open couches for dirt cheap. Sometimes you can even get them for free!  

Cheap Ways to Travel That Don’t Suck

If you’re looking for some other cheap ways to travel, you can always pick up some casual work near your vacation destination. Want to go on a cruise? Find a cruise ship worker job.

Want to stay overseas for a while? Consider getting a job teaching other people English. 

This extra money can help you pay for travel expenses. 

But sometimes working can take the “vacation” out of the vacation. If you’d rather stick to a traditional road trip, you should. 

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