5 Tips For Finding Affordable Tutoring That Won’t Break the Bank

As parents, all we want in life is to see our children succeed. This is why it can be so frustrating when we see them struggling in school.

If your kid is falling behind in school, they aren’t alone. By the time a senior graduates from high school, only 37% are proficient in reading, and an even lower 25% are proficient in math. 

We all want to find our kids good quality help but, at what cost? 

Are you or your child in need of a tutor but can’t afford to spend a lot of money? Here’s how you can find affordable tutoring regardless of the subject.

Contact the School

Your child’s school is the first place to start exploring your options. Often schools will have after-school programs that will offer extra help with homework.  

In addition to after-school programs, some school districts pair students up with volunteer tutors. These tutors come during the school day and spend extra time with the student in the subjects they are falling behind in.

Both after-school programs and volunteer tutoring are free of charge. 

Peer Tutoring

Some kids get intimidated by adults, so it may be better to try peer tutoring. These are buddies in the same class who have grasped a certain subject matter, or an older student who can help a younger student walk through the process.

Peer tutoring can be great in helping the students understand concepts while building new relationships. Simply having a peer similar in age explain a new concept can make all the difference.

Local Colleges

We all know college is expensive, so why not use the local starving college kids to your advantage. Find kids that are majoring in certain subjects and hire them to tutor your child. Contact the professors or place an ad on campus asking for students who are willing to tutor. 

Because they are college students, you can often pay them a fair price for their time.

Group Tutoring

Another way to keep costs down is to look for online group tutoring sessions. Parents often get together and form groups, then hire someone to tutor the entire group. This way the cost of the tutor can be split up among the parents. Other places like Mathnasium cost more than these group tutoring sessions.

These groups often have 3-5 students in them. Just keep in mind that your child will likely need transportation to and from the group, and you may still have to pay the fee if you cancel last minute.

Nonprofit Organizations

There are several nonprofit organizations that offer free tutoring within the community. Contact your local university or YMCA to see if there are any near you. 

These nonprofit organizations often focus on certain learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism. Or they may provide additional support for low-income areas.

Because they are not for profit, these services are usually free for those who need them.

Use Your Network

Use your own network to reach out to those around you. Even placing an ad on Facebook or Instagram that you are interested in hiring a tutor can help lead you in the right direction.

If people know you are looking for help, they can help make the connections you need. You never know, your neighbor might be a math genius who can help your 7th grader with algebra.

Affordable Tutoring is Possible

Raising a family is expensive and it can be stressful to think of adding the additional costs of tutoring. But, if your child is struggling in school, don’t lose help. Affordable tutoring is possible to find just by making a few phone calls and asking around. 

After all, we are talking about your child’s future.