save money on prescriptions

7 Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions

Everyone loves to save money. Cutting costs where we can makes us feel better. But when you live on a budget or a pension, it can be really difficult to make ends meet.

When we can save money on prescriptions, it can be a real game changer. Some of the medication is outrageously expensive. it almost seems unfair to have to pay so much for something we really need.

Here are a few ways that will help you save money on prescriptions and put that money towards something else.

Save Money on Prescriptions

Paying for medications shouldn’t break our budgets. Finding ways to save on these meds is helpful for everyone. Mostly, it comes down to knowing there are alternatives, and asking for them.

1. Go Generic

Ask your doctor or at the pharmacy, if they carry an off-brand or generic medications. These drugs are a fraction of the cost. Often, they won’t automatically offer these to you, so you have to ask.

These generic medications have to contain the same active ingredients as the full priced pills, so it’s really just greed. Try shopping around, if you have to, as most meds come in their less-than-pretty counterpart.

2. Over-the-counter

Ask about non-prescription alternatives. If it’s something for pain or allergies, then get the over the counter brand and save your money. Once again, these medications all have the same active ingredients in them, by law.

It’s always smart to ask about a medication that is the same or close enough, as they will always be much cheaper.

3. Online

Make sure you do your research for these companies online and find out of they are legitimate and certified. There are some that are scammers just taking the money. There are many professional sites to order from.

Ask your medical care provider or ask at your local pharmacy if they have an online program for medications. Using a big box store not only saves money, but they will have an online ordering service for prescriptions.


You can place your order with your local pharmacy for your medications and often receive a discount. Often, once you get your prescription registered with them, you can simply go on to the website and order your meds when you need them.

They offer delivery service or even send them through the local mail. This saves you having to get to the pharmacy, saves money on transportation and is perfect for those with limited mobility.

Out of Country

You can find cheaper drugs in Canada or overseas. There is a risk involved, but with a bit of digging, you can find excellent online pharmacies. Technically, and depending on where you live, it’s illegal.

You may still want to risk it when you can get your medications for a fraction of the price being offered at home. Reputable pharmacies will ship the meds, you can buy in bulk and save money and have them for several months ahead of time.

Assistance Programs

With online companies come online discounts. Many of these pharmacies will have assistance programs for patients with low income, no insurance or not enough insurance. They can be very useful for saving a lot of money, so take the time to get registered.

There are many programs out there, focuses on types of diseases, income, age groups and insurance standings. They may not be at the forefront, but be sure to ask about them and get yourself on them, if you qualify. These programs can be a huge relief for those on a tight budget.

4. Coupons

Your local pharmacy or the big box stores with pharmacies may offer coupons or discounts. Always ask about these before you pay. They may have them with certain types of meds or even in their store flyer.

You can also go directly to the pharmaceutical company and ask about coupons and discounts. Find their website and ask about savings, which they almost always have. Keep contacting them with each individual prescription.

5. Free Samples

You always should ask about free samples. Most doctor’s offices have a closet full of pill samples. Simply by asking about them may get you a few month’s supply for some very expensive medications for free.

Ask at the pharmacy, as well. They have all types of promotional medications, new prototypes and other free samples that don’t get used as no one asks for them. often, the pharmacist is too busy to think about getting the free packets of meds, so they just sit there.

6. Pay Cash

Paying cash for meds covered by insurance may be a lot cheaper than actually going through with the insurance. The insurance company may have a deal with big pharma to move a particular product, so make sure you are getting the best price.

Paying cash for a generic brand rather than using the insurance recommended pills saves you money on the meds and the insurance costs.

7. Buy More to Save More

Doubling your prescription when placing it can often cut you a big discount. Buying in bulk saves time and money. You can often save quite a bit of money in buying several month’s worth.

Depending on the medication, you can ask for stronger dosages and then split the pills in half. Alternatively, use your regular medications, but skip every other day. It’s recommended you ask your health care provider first, but it’s usually fine.

Money Saved

With a little bit of homework and ingenuity, you can actually save money on prescriptions. Of course, the biggest way to save is not to have to take them at all. But that’s not always an option for everyone.

There are also alternative medications and treatments, depending on your illness, that is much lower in cost and far better for you. The holistic approach is more and more mainstream as people looking at getting out from under big pharma.

There is an alternative for almost everything, so make sure you explore all your options. For more helpful tips on saving money, please continue reading here, or contact our website for more information.