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9 Investment Solutions Nobody Tells You About

Have you thought about investing but worry that you don’t have the money or experience that you might need?

You may be surprised.

There are lots of different ways to invest. Many of these options don’t require much cash or financial experience to get started.

You’ve probably heard about some of the more well-known investment solutions such as stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and CDs (certificates of deposit).

But, there are other investment opportunities that no one tells you about. And, it may be that one of these could hold the ticket for you to start stashing some cash of your own.

Want to learn more about the unusual investments that are making big money?

If you’ve been looking for a way to pad your paycheck then read on to find out if one of these not-so-common investment solutions could be for you!

The Investment Solutions That You’ve Never Heard About

Sure, you could invest in the stock market.

But, let’s face it.

The Wall Street way isn’t for everyone.

Maybe it’s not for you either.

But that doesn’t mean that you should write off the investing game altogether.

How about earning money on something a little less than average (but a lot more interesting)?

Have you thought about trying your hand in the lean hog business? Or how about banking some fast cash with an extraordinary race-car? What about sipping on wine while watching its worth grow?

These wacky investment solutions might seem unbelievable. But, although they may be really strange, they’re 100% real.

9 Weird Ways to Invest Your Money

1. Bring Home the Bacon

No, we’re not using the term bacon figuratively. People are actually making megabucks off of bacon.

As it turns out, lean hog carcasses are a pretty hot commodity on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They’re so hot in fact, that the Wall Street Journal named lean hogs one of the top-ranked assets for 2016.

But put away your frying pan because you won’t actually see the hogs that you trade. Instead, you’ll be investing in a contract for them.

Now we know you might love bacon, but did you really want to see the whole hog?

We didn’t think so.

2. A Grand Ole Flag

Got a grand ole flag lying around?

The right one could be grand, indeed.

We’re talking 100 grand.

That’s right. Folks are buying up old Confederate battle flags for as much as $100,000 dollars.

Civil War memorabilia and artifacts are a great investment because they hold their value. So, if you spot something from the Civil War era at a yard sale or second-hand shop, be sure to snag it, especially if it’s being sold cheap. If it’s authentic, the South’s loss could be your gain.

3. Comic Books that Are No Joke

When it comes to investment solutions, old comic books should be taken very seriously.

In 2014, a fully intact Superman comic book dated 1938, the year the superhero made his grand entry, fetched over three million dollars on eBay.

After all these years, the original Superman still holds the reigning title of the most sought superhero. And to the tune of millions, his superpowers still have what it takes to save the day for some lucky fan.

4. Strike it Rich With Gold

Okay, so gold may not be that unusual. But today, people are turning to silver, platinum and other rare metals as investment solutions as well.

You never know, you could have your very own gold mine. Go ahead and pull out that jewelry that you never wear, and find out if it could be earning you money.

5. Broadway May Not Make You Famous, But…

You may have to give up the dream of performing on Broadway, but the Broadway lights could still make you rich.

But, while investment solutions on Broadway are open to anyone, there are a few stipulations for stakeholders. Investors must have a net worth of at least a million dollars or make $200,000 dollars a year, which eliminates a lot of would-be producers right off the bat.

And, if you want to invest in a Broadway musical, it’ll cost you around $25,000 dollars on average. Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get back what you put in.

Many times Broadway shows aren’t the hits that the playwrights had originally hoped for and investors walk away without much gain.

However, when the Broadway hit Cats was preparing for its performance, the composers started offering shares at what translates into about $1500-$1750 dollars per share. After the show became famous, the investors recouped earnings up to what amounted to roughly $100,000 U.S. dollars.

6. Invest in a Cash Cow

The cash cows we’re talking about are the kind that lives on a dairy farm.

Many dairy farmers have begun allowing individuals to rent a cow and earn the payback made from their milk and cheese products.

While it could be an interesting way to make some moo-lah, your investment may not reap the dividends to make up for lost savings interest and costs related to the cow’s care.

7. Goats Are Investments, Too

Who knew that you could make money off of so many different types of livestock without owning a farm?

If you think you’ll be waiting till the cows home to get your money’s worth from renting a cow, you could try renting a goat.

In addition to hogs and cows, you can also make some easy money by renting goats. While they much on the grass (and everything else in sight), your pennies could be adding up.

But, to make any serious dollar signs, you’ll need to come out of pocket for at least around one hundred goats.

8. Invest in Wine and Watch Your Earnings Grow

As long as you don’t break out your investments when you’ve had a rough day at the office, you could make some extra cash by investing in wine.

To turn your bottles of wine into lucrative investment solutions, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea of what will sell.

The types to keep an eye out for? Old, aged vintages that have been properly stored in a climate controlled cellar can rake in quite a bit of money. Rare wines that are not commonly found in your area of the world can also bring in the dough.

Just make sure that you keep your investment locked away in a cool, dark cellar until you’re ready to sell it. And don’t blow your earnings for a night of wine-tasting when your friends come over for dinner.

Save the really good stuff for other folks to buy. Sure, it may not impress your pals to serve the cheaper wine, but real friends will understand that you have to guard your investments.

9. Investors, Start Your Engines

If you want to go the classic route to making cash off a sale, head to the vintage car lot.

Everyone remembers how cool those old muscle car and hot rods looked back in the day. Well, the coolest old classic cars can still make you feel as smooth as James Dean.

Only now, they just might make you feel more like a million bucks than they did when they first revved their engines. The right vintage cars are tried and true investment solutions and a super cool way to make some cold, hard cash.

But, you’ll need to keep that oldie in tip-top shape and make sure it runs smooth, to get the most bang for your buck.

The girls at the drive-in might not swoon over your classic chrome anymore these days, but you can still make your wife happy when you bring home a wad of cash for that hobby that’s been taking up space in your driveway for years.

How Will You Make Money This Year?

Are you ready to try your hand at one of these quirky investment solutions? Or maybe you’ve had your own idea pop up while reading about some of the strange and curious ways that others are earning a dollar.

It’s never too early to start investing for your future.

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