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Breaking Down the Average Plumbing Costs for a Single Family Home

As a homeowner, it’s crucial you budget for unexpected repairs. If you don’t, you could end up with a huge mess on your hands.

Although plumbing issues don’t happen all the time, eventually something will go wrong. Parts either wear out and break or freezing temperatures cause pipes to burst.

When this happens, it helps to have an idea what you’ll have to spend. That’s why we’re going over average plumbing costs along with a few ways you can save some cash.

Plumbers Rates

The rate a plumber charges is based on a few things. The type of repair needed and the experience of the plumber are the primary factors.

If you’re working with a licensed professional, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $250 for them to come out and fix a minor issue such as a leak. Some plumbers also charge either a trip fee or service charge, which could run you another $100.

If you want to save money, look for an apprentice or journeyman. They’re much more affordable but have less experience. If the repair is complex, you’re better off calling professional plumbing services.

If you’re dealing with complex problems such as septic tank breakage or a slab leak, expect the price to go up. Depending on the severity of the issue, repairs could reach into the thousands.

Emergency Service

When a leak or burst pipe catches you off guard, you need to have it fixed immediately. This means you’ll have to pay extra for emergency or weekend service.

Plumbers will either increase their rates or charge an extra fee for off-hours work. Expect to pay hourly rates of anywhere from $75 to $350. Emergency trip fees could reach a few hundred dollars or more, depending on your proximity to the plumber.

If you need emergency service during a holiday, plumbers may double or triple their original rate. Make sure you can’t contain the leak by turning the water off at the source. This will buy you some time so you don’t have to pay so much.

DIY Plumbing

The best way to save on plumbing is to do some DIY repair. If you can do this, you’ll only have to spend money on materials.

Consider DIY repairs if the problem is minor. Slow leaks or issues with a faucet or other fixtures are fixable, even for amateurs.

There are plenty of videos online that walk you through the process of basic plumbing repairs. You may be able to get away with fixing the problem for under $100.

Just make sure you don’t try to tackle something too difficult. You could end up causing more damage if you’re not careful.

Understand Average Plumbing Costs Ahead of Time

Unless your plumbing issue is an emergency, don’t pick up the phone and call the first person you find online. If it’s a simple issue, you shouldn’t spend an arm and a leg to fix it.

Understand the average plumbing costs discussed above and be ready the next time something goes wrong.

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