Bulk Waste Disposal: How to Get Rid of Really Big, Bulky Things You Don’t Need

You’re finally ready to tackle those spring cleaning projects. And that will no doubt leave you with a bunch of junk to get rid of as a result.

So, what do you do with all of that junk? We’re talking about those things that are big, bulky, and all-around hard to dump on your own.

Here’s a bulk waste disposal guide for eliminating those bulky items you no longer need.

Let’s get started!

List Your Items Online

If you’ve got just a couple of items to unload, consider listing these items on a site like Freecycle or Craigslist. This may be a particularly good idea if you’re trying to unload appliances.

People in your local area who like collecting scrap metal might be interested in picking up your appliances at no cost. Listing items online will work only if you’ve got room to house these items until they are claimed.

Use a City Pickup Service

Another way to dispose of bulk items is to simply leave them at your property’s curb if your city has a pickup service that will take these items.

You may need to schedule the removal of your bulk item before the day you’re interested in unloading it. In addition, you might be required to pay a fee for this service along with your normal trash bill.

Note that this bulk disposal option isn’t available in all locations. So, before going this route, find out from your local officials if this is an option for you.

Use a Dumpster for Bulk Waste Disposal

Yet another way to get rid of your bulk waste is to rent a dumpster for them. 

With a dumpster, you can easily load your junk into the dumpster bin and then call the dumpster provider to haul it away when you’re finished.

Renting a dumpster can be especially handy if you’re trying to renovate a kitchen or clean out your house. That’s because you’ll likely have large amounts of debris, and you can eliminate all of these items without a lot of effort and at one time with a dumpster.

Use a Private Service

Finally, if you’re specifically trying to junk a car, you can take advantage of a service that will haul your car away for you — right from your property.

With this service, a professional buyer will pay you for a car no matter what condition it’s in. For instance, it could be damaged, broken, flooded, or even totaled. 

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