woman counting money from piggy bank

Fast Cash: 7 Ways to Get Money Quickly

Do you desperately need money for one reason or another right now?

You could take out a personal loan to get your hands on it. More than 20 million Americans have obtained personal loans over the last year.

But taking out a loan isn’t the only way to get money fast. There are also lots of other ways to get the cash you need.

Learn about seven easy ways to make money below.

1. Turn to Family Members or Friends for Help

Generally speaking, borrowing money from family members and friends is not a good idea. Countless relationships have been ruined by these types of loans.

But if you’re in a real bind and desperately need money, your mom, your brother, your aunt, or your best friend might be able to help you out. Just make sure you put some kind of repayment plan into place so that there aren’t any hard feelings later.

2. List Stuff You Don’t Need or Want Anymore for Sale

The average home contains over 300,000 items. Find a few items in your home that you don’t need or want anymore and list them for sale.

You can sell things through social media or use one of the many online marketplaces to sell stuff fast. Either way, you can turn your personal possessions into cash in a matter of a few hours in some cases.

3. Find Things Other People Are Giving Away and Sell Them

Drive around your neighborhood on garbage day and see what other people are throwing out. You could very well find some valuable items sitting out on the curb for free.

Take them, fix them up a little, and then list them like you would list your own stuff. You could turn a nice little profit by selling things that you were able to get for free.

4. Part Ways With Any Unused Gift Cards You Might Have

Every year, Americans fail to use about $3 billion worth of gift cards. Do you have any unused gift cards sitting inside your home right now?

If so, there are websites that will pay you cash for them. You can also sell them on social media or on online marketplaces if you want. It’ll be one of the simplest ways to get cash when you desperately need money.

5. Cash in the Loose Change You’ve Accumulated Over Time

People don’t have as much loose change in their homes as they used to. Debit cards have eliminated change altogether for many Americans.

But if you have a jar filled with coins somewhere in your house, now is the time to take it down to the bank and cash it in.

6. Apply to Drive for a Ridesharing Company

Under normal circumstances, getting a job isn’t going to help you get money fast. Most of the time, you’ll have to work at least two weeks before your first paycheck.

But nowadays, it’s never been easier to apply to be a driver for a ridesharing company. You can start driving on behalf of the company right away and begin making money.

7. Sell Your House or Any Other Property You Own

Are you lucky enough to own a home or another piece of property? It’s your biggest asset and the thing that can put the most money into your pockets.

Call a company that specializes in buying homes for cash and say, “I want to sell my property for all cash.” They can often buy your home in less than a week.

Desperately Need Money? There Are So Many Easy Ways to Get It

When you desperately need money, you might not know where to turn for it. But as you can see here, there are lots of different places when you can find the money you need.

Work your way through these options to see which one will provide you with the money you’re looking for. You might be surprised by how fast you find it.

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