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Here Are 3 Places Worth Your Donation Money (And 2 You Need to Avoid)

We all want to be good people and we all want to believe that we’re helping those in need when we donate money. Unfortunately, scammers and con artists often disguise their swindles as charities.

Add in those well-meaning charities that get mismanaged and you have a huge issue. How do we know where to donate? Which charities are making a difference and which ones are best left alone?

We’ve compiled a list of three great charities, and two bad ones, in the paragraphs below.

Where to Donate:

1. Petsmart Charities

Visit any website that monitors charities and Petsmart’s Charities are bound to be among the best. Their main goal is to help shelter animals find homes, and they’re about as dedicated as anyone could hope.

These charities have helped provide half a million pets with homes, and donate heavily to programs that spay and neuter pets. This helps to reduce the number of pets born on the streets, which reduces the homeless pet population even more.

2. Breast Cancer Research Foundation

If you’re looking for a charity that fights for a cure for breast cancer, Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the one to go to. Not only is it the most widely-respected group of its kind in the US, but it funds over 300 researchers around the world and has been active for 25 years.

The charity was founded by Mrs. Evelyn Lauder, who is herself a breast cancer survivor. These are people who legitimately care about what they’re doing, and pour everything they have into it.

3. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God traces its origins back to 1970’s Brazil. However, through the efforts of a faithful, charismatic preacher, it has spread worldwide.

This church has several charity efforts attached to it, from trying to bring Biblical values like love and kindness back into places plagued with violence, to disaster relief efforts and rehabilitating ex-prisoners back into society.

This charity could do some very promising things for our future.

Charities to Avoid


Animal welfare is definitely a good cause, but PETA seriously mishandles it. They have an incredibly high kill rate for animals in their shelters and have even been known to kidnap pets to support their cause.

Some of the leadership has openly supported terrorism and violence for its own purposes and has been known to launch cyber-bullying campaigns against those who disagree with its views.

2. Autism Speaks

One important thing to note is that if the people you claim to be helping hate you, you’re probably doing something wrong. This is the reality for Autism Speaks, and they have yet to change any of their policies.

In 2013, the founder of this organization issued a “call to action,” in which she compared the three million in this country who have Autism to three million children suddenly disappearing.

In that same letter, she mentions that parents should have access to ABA, or applied behavioral analysis. The problem is that many with Autism claim this type of therapy is little more than abuse, where autistic children are taught that they are not good enough, and must suppress their autism in favor of acting “normal.”

This leads to a major issue. Autism Speaks donates the vast majority of its money into finding a cure for Autism, even though many people with Autism insist that they don’t want to be cured, just treated better.

Where to Donate?

There are a lot of charities out there, and, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide where to donate. We’ve focused on just a few charities, the good and the bad, but there are a lot more out there. The good news is that there are watchdog websites set up to monitor charities, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the good ones.

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