How to File an Auto Insurance Claim: A Start-To-Finish Guide

Filing a car accident insurance claim is a simple process.

Whenever you get into an accident, there’s a good chance that your vehicle will get damaged. You may also get injured, which can force you to pay expensive hospital fees to get treatment. Fortunately, you can file an insurance claim to get compensation for these expenses.

An insurance claim is when you contact an insurance company and request money because of an injury or damages. If someone hits your vehicle, you can file a claim on the same day.

So how do you file an auto insurance claim? Keep on reading to learn more.

Contact the Police

One of the first things you’ll need to do is contact the police. Before filing an automobile insurance claim, contacting the police will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the scene. For example, if you get into an accident, the police will prevent anything from getting out of hand.

If you or someone else gets injured, having the police there will guarantee that you get compensation because, without them, someone could say the accident never happened. Look into a law enforcement directory to find police in the area you’re in at the time of the accident.

Call Your Insurance Company

After contacting the police, the next thing you’ll need to do to move forward with an insurance claim is call your insurance company. Your insurance company will want to learn about the incident so they can determine whether you’re eligible for compensation.

In most cases, you can get compensation if you weren’t at fault for the accident. However, they’ll need proof that someone else damaged your vehicle. Someone from the insurance company will come to the scene and take a look at the damages. They may ask for surveillance from nearby stores so they can see exactly what happened.

Things to Keep in Mind

If your insurance company declares you’re eligible for compensation, they may try to give you as little as possible. Depending on your plan, you may not be able to cover all of the damages or medical expenses. If this is the case, you can pursue compensation from the person that caused the damages.

Whenever someone is at fault for an accident, they often have to pay for all of the damages and medical expenses that the victims have. So if you got put into a hospital because of the accident, the person at fault would have to pay for the bills.

It’s illegal to drive without insurance, so you must ensure that you get it if you don’t have it. Without it, you may not receive any compensation in an accident, even if you’re not at fault. Most insurance companies let you get a free quote and they don’t take more than a few minutes.

Now You Know How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Auto insurance claims aren’t difficult to file, but most people don’t realize that they should have police present after an accident. This is the most important thing to do and the rest will fall into place.

If you ever get into an accident, contact the police, your insurance company, and a lawyer if you’d like to take legal action. When you file an auto insurance claim, you’ll get compensation and a lawyer can help you get more.

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