How to Overcome Alcoholism DIY: Sober Up and Save Some Serious Cash

About eight million Americans qualify as alcohol dependent, according to a study from 2007. But not all alcoholics are the same. 

The young adult subtype makes up about 32 percent of people with an alcohol problem. They may drink less frequently than other groups, but they’re more likely to binge drink. This group is also unlikely to seek help.

Figuring out how to overcome alcoholism seems difficult, even before you factor in the cost of going to a fancy rehab facility. But rehab is by no means a requirement, even though some alcoholics will benefit from it more than others. 

Read on for some tips to quit drinking on your own. 

Get Medical Support 

People with alcohol problems can isolate themselves when they drink. You want to be sure that you don’t also isolate yourself too much when you stop drinking.

Self-help alcohol recovery isn’t easy and you’ll need some support. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss strategies to quit drinking.

Your doctor knows that not everyone is able to afford rehab. But you may have other options besides rehab that you don’t know about.

You might benefit from something like medication-assisted therapy. This therapy is usually associated with opioid and heroin addiction. It’s also useful for some alcoholics.

A doctor can also prepare you for symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Those can be mild or severe, depending on how much you’ve been drinking. 

You may want to know how to overcome alcoholism on your own, but you’ll still need to check in with a doctor sometimes. 

Change Your Social Habits

It’s common to start binge drinking in high school or college. Over time, you reach the point where you can’t go to a party without alcohol. Changing that is difficult but not impossible.

At first, at least, you should avoid going to bars. Ask your friends if you can meet somewhere else, including your house.

Eventually, you’ll need to be able to exist in public places that serve alcohol. But right now, one of the best strategies to quit drinking is to avoid being near alcohol as much as possible. This includes avoiding the wine and spirits aisle at the grocery store.

Resist the Slippery Slope

It’s tempting to say, “I can stop with one drink.” But a part of you already knows that you can’t do that, so resist the temptation.

Remind yourself of the benefits of quitting alcohol. In the long run, cutting out alcohol saves you money and turns you into a healthier person.

When you’re tempted to drink, do something else instead. Watch your favorite comedy on Netflix or go for a walk in the park with your dog. Listen to a song that helps you calm down.

If you have a good friend you can confide in, then do so. 

How to Overcome Alcoholism

It often takes several attempts before you figure out how to overcome alcoholism. You can forgive yourself for slipping up without expecting failure.

Quitting alcohol will clear your brain and give you a new sense of focus. Since you’re saving money, you can use that focus to set some new financial goals.

For more on that topic, check out our post on smart money moves.