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Interactive Resumes: They’re Cool but Are They Worth the Trouble?

When was the last time you applied for a job and got no response? Sadly it’s an all too common experience. With a job market that is often oversaturated and employers requiring more specific skill sets it can be impossible for them to reply to all the hundreds, even thousands of applications they get for each job. Though there are many reasons why employers don’t reply to all their resumes.

If you are thinking about how you can stand out you might want to consider interactive resumes. Here are the pros and cons of an interactive cv.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd?

An interactive CV can help you stand out from the crowd if it is done well. If you are applying for a job in animals then it might be interesting to design a CV with flash with various animated animals that can give the reader bits of information.

An interactive CV will ensure that potential employees remember you and it can also show that you have put above and beyond the amount of effort into your application. Potential employees might think that you will emulate this experience in your work if they were to hire you.

2. Or Flashy and Annoying?

The other side of interactive resumes is that they can take time for your employees to look at and this can annoy them. With so many people applying for one job, HR staff will want to shift through as quickly as possible to make a decision. Often advice for sending resumes to employers now is that the resume should be one or two-sided.

Some employers have such a strict policy on this that they can throw out all resumes that don’t adhere to this limit. This could also apply to interactive resume examples which some employers might find are even more annoying and put them off.

3. Depends on The Job You Are Applying To

The most important think about applying for jobs with an interactive resume is the type of job you are applying to. If you are applying to a creative job then an interactive resume might be more acceptable.

For instance, if you were making a job application in creative design or digital design then it would make sense that you would want your CV to showcase these skills. If your job involves flash than a flash CV would be great with clickable parts.

One great interactive resume example would be if you are applying for a job in animal welfare or zoology then you could have a CV that was a jungle full of animals and each animal would be a different part of information about your CV.

A job in finance or a stressful corporate job might not be the kind of job to trial an interactive resume though and you will still need to improve your resume to make it ready for 2020.

Interactive Resumes Have Pros and Cons

Interactive resumes can be a great resource. It depends on how you use them and on what job you are applying for. Pay careful attention to the guidelines of the job to ensure that you don’t send an interactive CV where it not wanted or the CV should only be one page.

In more creative jobs in design though an interactive resume could be a great way of standing out from the crowd and getting that dream job.

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