Investing in Gemstones: These Are the Best Gems to Buy

There’s more to investing in gemstones than knowing the four Cs of cut, color, clarity, and carat. But for those in the know, buying and selling loose gems can be a lucrative business.

Rare gems have a good track record of increasing in value over time. In contrast to the declining profitability of day trading and the real estate market, gemstones are a reliable investment prospect. And, with the demand for fine gems far exceeding the supply, this trend looks set to continue. 

Check out our guide to buying and selling loose gems to find out the best gems to invest in. 


If you’re serious about buying gemstones you’ll know that fine rubies are the rarest of all colored gems. Burmese rubies, in particular, are considered the top investment gem. But rubies from Mozambique, Tanzania, and Madagascar are also increasing in value. 

Larger versions of fine unheated Burmese rubies can draw prices as high as $400,000 per carat at auction. And since certain inclusions are common for rubies, the color is more important than perfect clarity, with the vivid red shade ‘pigeon’s blood’ being the most sought-after. 


Tanzanite is only found in Tanzania, making this stunning blue gemstone as unique as it is beautiful. But is tanzanite a good investment? 

In 2010, the price of tanzanite skyrocketed after the Tanzanian government tried to prevent smuggling and large exports. Four years later, the price of tanzanite crashed, leaving investors reeling. 

But, the good news is that the price of tanzanite is rising again, making these gemstones a great investment to buy into right now. 


The emerald investment market has suffered in recent years due to controversies surrounding treatments with artificial resins. But if you know how to get gemstones that are fine and untreated, these will always be a good investment. 

Colombian emeralds, especially large ones, are the most valuable, while emeralds from Brazil and Zambia are also a good investment. 


Blue sapphires are one of the most desirable colored stones when it comes to buying and selling loose gems. 

The rarest sapphires hail from Kashmir but there have been no new stones mined there for over 100 years. Burma sapphires are next on the list, while sapphires from Madagascar and Ceylon are also in high demand. 

Or, if you prefer yellow, pink, or exotic padparadscha sapphires, you’ll be pleased to know that these colorful gems are also becoming more popular with investors now. 

The Best Gems to Invest In

You might know how to get gemstones at a good price. But if you’re buying and selling loose gems as an investment, make sure to buy the best gems and ignore the rest.

Whether you prefer to invest in emeralds, rubies, or tanzanite, top quality gemstones combine intense, vivid color, exceptional clarity, and excellent cut. By recognizing what sets these stones apart from lower-grade gems, you’re soon build up a highly sought-after collection. 

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