Keep More Money: 10 Best Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

Every year, Americans spend about $1,200 per person on prescription medications. No one else in the world spends that much on prescription drugs! Unfortunately, many Americans take multiple prescriptions, each one more costly than the last.

For example, cancer drugs alone cost about $10,000 a month.

Are you looking for smart, savvy ways to save money on prescriptions? We have 10 tips that can help! With this guide, you can combat the increasing price of medication without sacrificing your health. 

Discover 10 easy ways to save on drugs with these tips.

1. Buy in Bulk

Chances are you’re taking the same medications every day. Many people take prescription medications for long-term ailments. However, visiting the pharmacy every month to refill your prescription can get costly.

Instead of buying your medications every month, buy them in bulk.

Chances are, you’ll save on prescriptions by purchasing a 90-day supply. In addition to saving money on drugs, you’re also saving on travel costs. If you’re an older patient, avoiding repetitive trips to the pharmacy can help you conserve your energy, too. 

Cut back on how often you need to visit the pharmacy (and how much you spend) by purchasing your drugs in bulk. 

2. Ask for a Sample

Pharmaceutical sales representatives visit doctor’s offices throughout the country. During each visit, they supply doctors with samples of newly FDA-approved medications. Many doctors offer their patients these samples before asking them to purchase a month’s supply.

The next time your doctor writes you a fresh prescription, ask if they have any samples available first.

Sampling new medications is a great way to avoid a few payments. It also gives you the chance to make sure you don’t experience any dangerous side effects. That way, you don’t purchase a month’s supply of a prescription you only use for a week.

One sample might seem like a small amount of savings. However, even a week’s supply will save you money. 

3. Choose the Generic Option

During your doctor visit, review the medications you’re currently taking. Chances are there are generic versions for many of the medications you’re taking. The generic versions are usually less expensive, allowing you to save money.

Be sure to speak with your doctor before making the switch to generic medications. 

Ask your doctor why the brand name is more suitable for your current needs. You’ll want to make sure that switching to the generic version won’t cause dangerous side effects. A generic brand might also lack the potency you need. 

If you decide on purchasing the generic brand to save on prescriptions, make sure they’re FDA-approved.

Before it receives FDA approval, each medication goes through rigorous testing. For example, the FDA requires proof the medication was created using safe ingredients. By choosing an FDA-approved drug, you’re also choosing one that’s safest for your health.

You can explore these generic drugs online to save money on prescriptions. 

4. Call for Help

Without insurance, it might feel impossible to pay for your medications. Many people learn how to save money on prescriptions by discovering patient assistance programs.

Call the pharmaceutical company for help and see if they have an assistance program available. Their program can help you save on drugs and afford your more expensive medications.  

5. Check Your Cabinet

Are you careful about tossing out expired beauty products and medications before they take up space in your bathroom cabinet? While it’s important to throw away very old drugs, some are still okay beyond their expiration date. 

However, these drugs will likely lack their original potency. 

If you’re unsure about using expired medications, take them to your doctor. They can let you know if an older prescription is still safe to consume.

If the drug expired a long time ago, it’s especially important to make sure they’re still effective.

6. Speak With Your Doctor

According to consumers, about 30% of patients don’t fill out prescriptions because they’re too expensive. Another 16% don’t take their prescriptions as scheduled to make them last longer. Meanwhile, 15% will cut their pills in half to save on drugs. 

However, each one of these shortcuts can impact your health. Not taking your full prescription could also cause dangerous consequences. Are you taking medications to avoid a stroke, diabetes, or another dangerous symptom?

If so, do not take these shortcuts.

Instead, schedule a visit with your doctor. Let them know you’re having a difficult time paying for your prescriptions. They can help you learn how to save money on prescriptions. 

They might also reevaluate your current regimen to find a cheaper alternative. 

7. Switch Your Medical Plan

Medicare patients can always switch to different drug plans. You might find that making a switch will help you save on drugs. If your current plan offers no coverage at all, you might want to consider a new one. 

For example, patients using Medicare Part D will receive price breaks if they meet the requirements for Extra Help. If you’re eligible, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $2.65 for the generic option.

8. Research Well

Oftentimes, the copay for two very similar medicines is very different. Once your doctor writes you a new prescription, research the medication online. You can download apps from different insurers to compare prices.

Try to complete this step while you’re still in the exam room. Then, speak with your doctor about any alternative medications you find online. That way, you can confirm that the alternative you find is still safe.

Some websites and apps can help you find discount options for many popular medications. 

9. Remain a Savvy Shopper

The best way to save money on prescriptions is to keep checking. Sometimes, new deals pop up when you need it most.

For example, consider exploring websites like GoodRx. This website will compare brand-name and generic medication prices. It also offers helpful coupons and discount cards.

10. Reconsider Your Current Regimen

To maximize how much you save on prescriptions, you might want to reconsider your current regimen. Take the time to speak with your doctor about the medications you’re taking. You might also want to follow up regularly.

If a medication isn’t helping, make a switch. Otherwise, ask your doctor if there are lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your dependence on medications. 

Save Instead of Spend: 10 Ways You Can Save Money on Prescriptions

Avoid overspending on your medications. Instead, use these 10 tips and save money on prescriptions. With these tips, you can put a little money back in your pocket and avoid breaking the bank.

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