Savings When Shaping Your Smile: 7 Tips for Paying for Braces

How much do braces cost? Well, brace yourselves. It’s no tiny amount.

According to Oral B, getting braces can cost up to $10,000!

The cost can vary according to the type of braces you choose. And the price can also change depending on where you live. On top of it all, even if you have dental insurance, they may not pay for braces!

So, what can you do? Read on for 7 handy tips for paying for braces.

7 Tips for Paying for Braces

Nothing in life is free, and that’s especially true when it comes to healthcare. But there are ways to reduce the cost. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Get Saving

How to pay for braces? The first thing you need to do is save up. Like saving for a college fund, create a brace fund.

Look ahead to the future and start saving as soon as you can. Then if any big bills come, you’ll be ready for them.

2. Prevention is Better than a Cure

As with many medical conditions, it’s important to start treatment early. Fixing issues early on with an expander may reduce the chance of needed treatment in the future.

You may learn that you have several years before they can do anything. This means you have time to start saving. Or you may be able to get started immediately and prevent future issues.

3. Freebies

All over the world, there are organizations that offer free braces to those who are eligible. But there are specific requirements. And you must also be on a waiting list for orthodontic treatment before you can apply.

This means you may not be able to get your braces done EXACTLY when you want them. And they may not even choose you. It’s a real bonus if you can get these free braces.

4. Pay Monthly

If you don’t qualify for free braces, what can you do? Most orthodontists offer payment plans to help relieve the financial burden.

The plans are generally broken up into monthly payments that are easier to manage. Although, paying monthly may cost you a bit more in the long run, as there may be interest charged.

5 Deal or No Deal?

If possible pay the total amount up front. This is because many offer a discount of 5-8% when paid in bulk.

They may also have other discounts available for children’s braces. Some have discounts when the whole family joins or through referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask, every penny counts after all!

6. Shop Around

Not all orthodontists have the same charges for braces. Because some will be more expensive than others, you need to shop around.

Some areas can also be cheaper than others. For example, a Chatswood orthodontist may be cheaper than an orthodontist in Sydney.

Do your research and check reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, go in for a free consultation.

7. Back to School

A great way to get low-cost braces is to head to a dental school. You can get up to 50% off!

Students will use you or your child to learn. But there will always be a dental professional alongside them.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Yes, paying for braces can be expensive. But now you know the drill, you can try these options to find low-cost braces or even free braces. Then you’ll have plenty to smile about.

It’s not only dental treatment you have to plan for. Click here to learn how to reduce healthcare costs for your family.