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Storage Unit Price: 5 Key Ways to Save Money on a Storage Unit

Intuit recently reported that 61% of small businesses regularly struggle with cashflow. Keeping your overhead spending down is one of the ways to increase your business’s cash flow.

Finding ways to keep your storage unit price down will help lower your overhead. It will be money you can save month after month. So even small savings can add up over time.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can save.

5 Ways to Save On Your Storage Unit Price

Using Business & Office Storage Units to store your items and inventory off-site can often make fiscal sense. Especially when you need space for additional employees or workspace.

If you’re wondering how much do storage units cost and how to save on storage, here are some great tips.

1. Choose the Right Size Unit

Take the time to figure out exactly what you’ll be storing and how you can optimally store it. Can the items you’ll be storing be stacked or stored on shelves, or can they be stored on their side (vertically)?

Once you know what you’ll be storing and how you’ll have a much better idea of how much space you’ll need. Then you can rent the smallest unit that will accommodate your items.

Don’t plan to “grow” into your unit. You can always move your items to a larger unit if that becomes necessary.

2. Choose the Right Amenities

When the day comes to remove your items from your storage unit, you want them to be in as good of condition as the day you put them inside. So consider the items you’ll be storing, especially if you planning long term storage.

Do they need to be in a climate-controlled unit? Are they valuable? If so, does the storage unit have an alarm?

These features are worth the money if they are necessary to keep your items in good condition and secure. But low cost storage units may not have these amenities.

3. Use the Vertical Space

Using the vertical space will help save you money because it means you can rent a smaller unit. Storage units are often 8 feet tall or even higher.

This allows for space to store couches and desks vertically. Shelves or racks can help you use all the vertical space in the unit.

4. Consider How Often You’ll Visit the Unit

The size of the unit you need will depend on how much access you’ll need. Will you need to store your items in a way where you can access everything in the unit, or can you pack it economically?

5. Check for Discounts and Perks

Ask the storage service facility if they have a “move-in” offer, such as a month of free rent on long term storage units, or if they offer discounts for seniors, military or AAA members.

Do they have any other perks? Perhaps a free or discounted truck to use for moving. Or a free lock or security on-site?

Find Your Storage Solution Today

Whether you need space temporarily or long term, you can use a storage unit to free up valuable workspace. It can help keep your overhead down too since it is cheaper than moving to larger office space. And don’t forget to use these tips to lower your storage unit price.

Continue reading our blog for more great tips on how to keep your overhead down and managing your finances.