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The 9 Best Stocks to Buy in 2018

How’s your portfolio? Your stake in the market? If you’re stable financially, it may be time to look into the stock market.

If all you know about the stock market is from Hollywood’s depictions, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people who want to know the best stocks to buy but have no idea where to start.

After you read this article, you won’t be one of them. You’ll know what each of the best stocks to buy costs per share and what they yield.

We’ve even given you projected values! Get educated and financially savvy below.

What’s a Stock Yield?

Stock yields tell the consumer what the company pays out in ratio to their stock price. In simple terms, it’s the return on investment of the stock price divided by annual dividends.

So if a stock’s dividends is $2 at the end of the year with a stock price of $100, the yield is 4%.

1. Customers Bancorp

If you’re a down on your luck college student or someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, CUBI is one of the best stocks to buy.

Not only because you can buy it cheap, but because they’re investing in people like you. The idea behind Customers Bancorp Inc is to take banking to the under-banked (who knew that was a word?)

Once they get their new project funded, they plan on developing their own digital-banking division. Less physical banks lead to less overhead and so fewer fees.

CUBI’s stock price is just under $30 at time of this writing, with payoffs estimated at 40% by the end of the year if all is well.

They manage their stock conservatively and the amount of investors is still low.

52 Week low/high $24.75/$33.85

Invest in CUBI if you’re tired of traditional banking and want to invest in its future, without going crypto.

Speaking of, you can now publicly trade cryptocurrencies! So do that if you dare. . . we aren’t that brave!

2. Cubic

We hate to get political, but it’s a war zone out there, Literally when it comes to this next company.

Since President Trump wants to increase military spending, CUB is a prudent investment.

Cubic or CUB does two things. It provides combat training for the armed services and allies, as well as technology on the field.

When they’re not knee-deep in war zones, they run transportation automated fare systems. In 2017, CUB got a contract with New York City for a smartphone-waving fare pay app.

Like Apple Pay but for public transportation. No more digging in your pocket for exact change!

Great idea, right? We (and investors) think so. It’s predicted to rise by fifty percent in stock value and one third in revenue by 2020.

This is a strong buy. Especially if you’re passionate about public transport!

Investors can expect about a .5% yield right now with CUB’s market value at $1.5 billion.

52 Week low/high: $42.45/$54.55

3. Charles Shwab

People love a good deal and Charles Schwab or SCHW is giving it to them! What used to be a discount based brokerage has now expanded its offerings.

Now, Charles Schwab offers an arrangement of reasonably priced financial services. Everyday people like this affordable approach to wealth management.

Their stock likes the infusion of new business. In fact, client assets currently sit at an estimated $3.1 trillion!

Like Charles Schwab’s services, their stock is affordable. It’s yield right now is 0.7% with a $50 (ish) stock price.

52-week low/high: $30.60/$45.33

4. Delphi Automotive

American’s love a comeback kid and Delphi Automotive owns that title. The company (DLPH) hit some rough patches around 2005.

They’re doing better now and picked a great avenue to go down: technology and cars.

While they’re not quite Elon Musk’s semi-successful self-driving car backers, they’re doing okay. So okay, in fact, that investors expect them to do much more as 2018 progresses.

If you’re looking to invest, they’re changing their name to Aptiv soon.

Aptiv/Delphi investors can expect a 1.2% yield and a 26.4 billion dollar market value.

Current buy-in is just under $50 on this stock an expert calls “the bridge between the tech sector and the auto sector”.

Sound like a bridge you want to be on?

52-week low/high: $62.59/$103.14

5. Alibaba Group Holding (BABA)

Wanna put your money on something that has a history of doubling in one year? Bet on Alibaba.

Their stock did just that during 2017. It did the impossible!

IT’s the only company with more than a 60 billion dollar worth that’s increased revenue fifty percent each year for the last five years.

This is one of the ones we wish we’d gotten in on sooner!

Not convinced yet? A little company named Amazon had numbers like these a few years ago in 2009 and look where they are now!

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world!

Experts estimate Alibaba Group Holding’s revenue to jump 53% this year. Those best stocks to buy numbers aren’t messing around!

You can get in on the BABA action for a hefty (approx) $170.00 as of April 2018.

52 Week Range low/high $110.30/206.20

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a big name in the digital marketing game. They’re big proponents of inbound marketing and provide businesses tools to generate online leads.

They work with Facebook ads but aren’t a Facebook company, which may be another reason to buy in light of Facebook lawsuits.

With Facebook’s downturn, people will be looking to experts like HUBS for expertise.

At the moment, HUBS isn’t turning a profit, but they should soon! This company based out of Cambridge Massachusets should rise 31% this year.

You can get in on the inbound marketing action for around $111.00 as of this writing. Those numbers are up 81% just this year!

Invest in this company if you’re interested in a post-Zuck trial universe or marketing in general. These best stocks to buy are only going up (projected)!

52 Week Range low/high: $60.90/$124.45

7. Mcdonalds

No, you didn’t read that wrong. McDonald’s is a top stock pick for 2018!

If you think about it, it’s not that surprising. They’re world-famous and wildly successful – why shouldn’t you profit?

The experts think so too. It got top marks in the Value Line Investment Survey for timeliness, safety, and financial strength. It’s not often a company hits all three points.

The forecast is at a 9.5% rate for the next couple of years.

You can get in on the “I’m loving it” best stocks to buy action for just over $160 (April 2018). Unfortunately, there’s no toy with stock purchase.

But you can expect a 2.50% yield! Old Ronald Mcdonald’s market value? It’s capped out at $128.84 billion.

52 Week low/high: $130.91/$178.70

8. Microsoft

This is another of the best stocks to buy we wish we’d invested in a long time ago. Even with its owner on the richest men in the world list, it’s still a good buy.

Microsoft has a new CEO. In 2014 Mr. Nadella made the shift from laptops to mobile computers (smartphones). It was a good move!

As everything becomes mobile integrated and our we depend more on technology, why not invest in what you use?

Microsoft Office’s products are a huge success and stock would sell on that alone. But the reasons to invest don’t stop there.

Their new cloud service pushed their sales up 12% in September.

It will cost you less than a subscription to those famous office products to invest at around $93.00.

Their yield is at 1.8% and their market cap is a cool 720.5 billion dollars. You can still invest in Bill’s work – it’s not too late!

52-week range: $64.89/$97.24

9. United Healthcare

In America, you never know what’s going to happen with healthcare, unless it’s private. Private healthcare companies have been thriving off the chaos.

UnitedHealthcare’s stock is proof. They’re making a name for themselves a leader in their industry.

Some of their success comes from not putting all their money in one market, they’re in all three (individual, group and government plans).

With their hands in three different honeypots, their primed for large market growth. If one tier of their company goes down, they can transfer money to the other ones.

It’s a good system, even in the face of policy changes.

Buying in will cost you. One share is around $224 as of April 2018. Their yield is 1.34% and market cap is 216.6 billion.

If you have the funds, we’d say United Healthcare is a healthy financial decision.

52 Week low/high: $164.96/$250.79

The Best Stocks to Buy

When it comes to individual financial portfolios, there is no one size fits all solution. Sure, everyone should buy low and sell high, but what you buy low depends on what you value.

Not everything is about the money. Are you willing to invest in a company with questionable values if it pays off in the end?

You might be, but someone else might not.

When you’re looking for the best stocks to buy, do some digging into the company’s morals. That will tell you if they’re the best stocks to buy for you.

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