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These Are the Growth Stocks You Should Be Watching

Ready to make this year your best fiscal year yet? Of course you are!

As we transition into 2018, it’s important to think about the best growth stocks to add to your portfolio.

Whether you’re a total investing novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to check out this guide. We’ll show you the trending companies and help you get on track to growing your money.

Let’s get to it!

Food and Drink Growth Stocks

Historically, major food and drink companies represent both a safe and logical options. After all, everyone needs to eat and drink, right?

Food and drink stocks remain stable, strong choices for investors seeking consistent cash flow with reliable dividends.

Below are some top expected growth stocks for 2018:


Coca-Cola has increased its dividend for the past 55 years and represents one of the top 2018 growth stocks. Today, Coca-Cola represents one of the most famous consumer brands in the world.

It’s also worth approximately $56 billion, with 1.9 billion Coca-Cola beverages being consumed each day.

Coca-Cola sells over 500 brands, and the company has also shown a shift in its advertising, especially with recent concerns about soda’s association with obesity.


Hormel remains one of the most consistent growth stocks in the country, enjoying 52 years of consistently increasing dividends.

Hormel recently acquired Skippy peanut butter, MuscleMilk, Applegate Farms, Columbus Manufacturing, and Fontanini Italian Meats and Sausages.

Hormel’s adjusted earnings per share increased 24% in the year 2016, and we also expect similar trends to continue through the next year.


Even though cereal sales have declined among the younger generations, the company has responded to changing demands. They now offer an impressive lineup of snack foods, chips, and treats.

Kellogg predicts that this snack industry will grow 4% each year. They also predict that snacks will represent a $100 billion market by 2020.


PepsiCo investors have enjoyed 45 consecutive years of increased dividends, as PepsiCo now rounds at $62 billion annual income.

PepsiCo has 22 individual brands and garners strong revenue from both the United States (about 58%) and international countries (42%), and we predict this trend will continue going strong in 2018.

Energy Growth Stocks

Natural energy and gas have consistently been a popular choice for investors. That’s because we are so dependent on gasoline for the majority of the work we do!

As we move into 2018, experts predict that the energy sector will restore itself and soar. This will be a happy welcome after the past few, sluggish years.


Low-risk options sometimes make for the best growth stocks. This company has enjoyed 6% dividends.

As oil prices continue to fluctuate, we expect that this will rise in the next year.


Valero specializes in marketing, refining, and distributing natural gas and oil. They also thrive when oil prices fall. This contrasts with most other energy growth stock options.

This adds a great diversified mix to your portfolio.

Royal Dutch Shell

It’s one of the biggest natural gas and oil companies in the world, and experts recommend it as one of the top growth stocks of the year.

It’s worth $270 billion, and investors have received a 5.9% yield over the past year.

Exxon Mobile Corp

One of the biggest multinational oil companies, Exxon is also expected to surge in 2018. We expect that this will go in line with favorable gas prices for consumers.

Exxon is currently worth $355 billion, and it’s a solid portfolio choice for any investor.

Artificial Intelligence Growth Stocks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage this year, and for good reason. We’re expected to see a lot more AI trending, as we continue to progress with technology and scientific advances.

We’re already seeing this happening with everything from Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s iPhone facial recognition. AI is only projected to continue growing in the years to come.

We’re not just talking smart cars and homes and phones. We’re talking smart everything.

Here are a few growth stocks we recommend keeping your eyes on in 2018:


Still a domineering force in the technology world, experts predict that Microsoft will continue to lead the country as one of the top AI leaders.

Many investors have their eyes on Microsoft, with expectations that the company will continue expanding with AI technology.


2 billion people use Facebook, and the social media giant now wants to take on AI as part of its comprehensive information and connection source.

Facebook already uses AI for its news and advertising sources, and it’s a trend that will likely continue to grow.

Facebook has enjoyed several consecutive years of growth, and expert investors continue to recommend this social media network as a top choice to consider.

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL)

Google is also topping the charts as an AI leader in the technology world. Google is already integrating AI technology in its search and email functions, and it will continue to develop useful products for its consumers.


Another company to look out for, IBM has been making headway in the AI world, especially with medical advances and machinery. Furthermore, IBM is merging with MIT to launch new technology into the American workplace.

Travel, Auto, & Transportation Growth Stocks

Alaska Air Group

Traveling more than usual? So are most people. Domestic and international travel are at all-time highs. Prices between companies are getting more and more competitive.

In 2016, Alaska Air Group merged with Virgin America Inc., and it’s union demanded wages congruent with other carriers.

Experts predict that this company will continue to grow by $7 billion and possibly enjoying up to a 14.3% return in 2018.


Whether you’re eyeing the Model 3 or living under a rock, CEO Elon Musk continues to promise improvements and success as we move into the new year.

The company is already worth $26 billion and is expected to grow another $10 billion with the widespread release of the Model 3.

One thing is for sure: Tesla shows no signs of slowing down over the next year.

Southwest Airlines

Well-known for being one of the cheapest airline options in America, Southwest stock is also predicted to increase in 2018.

That’s because oil prices are lower than usual and travel is at an all-time high. Southwest will continue to invest more in their business and expand over the next year.

Ford Motor Co.

Despite sluggish results over the past few years, Ford has brought in a new CEO. Jim Hackett is focusing on bringing up self-driving and electric vehicles to the Ford fleet.

Investors should expect minimal returns during 2018, but Ford is still a recommended stock to look into. This is especially true with self-driving cars on the near horizon.

Retail & Entertainment Growth Stocks

As brick-and-mortar stores continue to decline, there are a few sunny retail spots on the financial landscape. Experts will also be focusing their attention on online retailers this year.

Gap Inc.

Gap has been struggling over the past few years, likely due to a rise in e-commerce sales. With that said, they have shown significant rebound in the past year. They are using more discounts and more effective advertising.

We’re expecting to see an increase in $15 billion sales this year alone.

Nintendo Co

Famously known for its gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch was a bigger hit than any sleepy investor intended. Currently, it’s on track to sell over 13 million units within this year.

This could boost sales and interest in producing new products. Experts predict that Nintendo could reach up to $5.2 billion in sales this year.


Netflix is still expected to surge through 2018. Despite having more competitors on the market, experts predict that it will have a positive year.

Netflix shares increased another 57% in 2017 alone, and it remains highly attractive for all investors.


Alibaba is also expected to grow dramatically throughout 2018 as it continues to compete with Amazon.

On an international level, Alibaba continues to dominate the financial retail sector, especially in China. We expect that this trend will stay strong throughout the year and that Alibaba is far from reaching its fiscal peak.


Lululemon continues to outperform itself, as the company continues to impress consumers with its high-end fitness apparel.

The company continues to grow with its branding and marketing, gaining 19.7% traction in just three months. We expect that the number will remain strong as time evolves.

Final Thoughts on Growth Stocks

Investing in the stock market can be both stressful and exciting. Smart investors know that knowledge is key when it comes to having their money work for them.

With these strategies, you will be well on your way to maximizing your net worth in no time at all.

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